The Right Experience

If you want to learn to drive a car or get your computer fixed, you find someone who has qualifications and experience doing that! You don’t look for someone who has just passed their driving test or recently read a book on computer maintenance, do you?


It is crazy, therefore, that most people who want to study or live abroad, and are investing huge amounts of time and effort, not to mention money, in their future, will pay someone who has only passed IELTS to teach them. This is what most training companies provide. Occasionally, they may have a native speaking English teacher, who knows nothing about passing IELTS, other than what they have read in a book!


Why do most people pay large amounts of money for such inadequate training? The simple answer is that this is all that is usually available.


How are we different?

We are different because we specialise only in IELTS speaking and writing. Most important of all, we use British Council trained IELTS examiners. We don’t use trainers who have only passed an IELTS exam, or native-speaking teachers, who’s experience of IELTS is what they have read in a book.


IELTS examiners are the people who know exactly why someone gets a 5.0 instead of a 5.5. They have been trained by the British Council to do this! That is why we would not teach anyone until we have tested them, to establish their IELTS level accurately, and determine their strengths and weaknesses.


why-us-tailorsConsequently, we can tell you exactly where you are losing marks, and provide tailored training to fix that.


No more attending long and expensive courses, where everyone is treated like a commodity.


NOTE: We will soon be launching our on-line IELTS training, but we understand many candidates will just want the examiner feedback, so they know why they are assessed at a particular band level, and more importantly, what they need to do, to change that. That is exactly what our test provides, although it is currently only available for Writing! Speaking testing will be coming soon.


We can tell you the simple things that can make a huge difference, and the things to avoid! In the writing test, there is one simple mistake that many people make that makes a huge difference to the score. We will teach you to avoid this simple but very damaging mistake. What we won’t do, is to waste your time teaching you to memorise questions and answers.


All IELTS examiners immediately know when someone is only delivering memorised replies. The candidate is heavily marked down for doing this. However, because most IELTS trainers do not understand what the examiner is looking for, a focus on memorising answers is the best they can offer!

Guaranteed Pass

Many training companies promote the so-called ‘guarantee’ very heavily. However, it is just a cynical marketing technique, designed to get people to hand over their money! Guarantee


These guarantees do not involve any money being refunded but are normally an offer of continued training, where an individual fails to achieve their test score. Other than the wasted time, this is quite a good thing for individuals who possess a high enough level of English, to have a chance of attaining their target score.


Those who do not have that competence will eventually give up attending the training! The training organisations know this, so can offer a ‘guarantee’ to anyone, no matter how poor their English abilities! Individuals who choose to stop attending the training themselves, do not count as a failure for the company, allowing them to continue claiming they can guarantee results!


For large training organisations, an extra person or two turning up to each class, until they give up, costs them nothing. It is a fake guarantee, but a tremendous marketing tool to mislead the unwary!



The Right Qualifications

why-us-qualifiedDon’t be fooled by this marketing hype. Choose a training business that employs IELTS and ex-IELTS examiners. A company that does not use dishonest marketing methods, and makes genuine and realistic promises.  


IELTSResults.co only uses trained and experienced examiners to mark Speaking and Writing tests, and deliver training. We really are IELTS Speaking and Writing experts.!



We only offer assistance in IELTS Speaking and Writing, as that is our area of expertise. ELTS examiners do not mark reading and listening papers, so we offer no advantage over any other training provider. Remember, we are not here to cheat people! Our goal is to get you to the level you require, in the minimum amount of time and without spending a fortune on long, and often pointless training programmes.


We won’t offer training to anyone who we assess to be below band 4 in either Writing or Speaking. Individuals at that level should be attending classes to improve their basic English, and not attending our IELTS preparation training, as they are not going to benefit from it! We are here to provide a top quality service and not just collect money!



Should you have any questions, please contact us at the following eMail address mail@www.ieltsresults.co


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