It is Not as Difficult as You Might Think!

If you want to check the visa requirements for the country where you wish to study, please check the list below.


NOTE: These are all official government sites!


Be aware that you do not have to pay for any visa application documents. If you go to a site, which charges for these, do not pay and find the official site, which has FREE application materials.


Direct Visa Applications

Many people think it is too difficult to apply for a student visa themselves and instead will use an agency to do this for them. It is also a common belief that their application will have a greater chance of success if they use a specialist company. 


In reality, if your application is genuine and you meet all the right criteria, then applying directly, without using an agent has just the same chance of succeeding. The university you are applying to will provide you with assistance in the application, as it is obviously, also in their interests, for you to be successful!


Applications which are very weak, and perhaps do not fully meet all the requirements or where there are some doubts, may benefit from an agent's experience. However, it should be remembered that their services are not cheap, and it is only in the visa application, where they may be of some use. 


Their contacts with particular universities will not necessarily give you a better chance of acceptance unless again, your application is weak! However, the disadvantage of using an agent is that they will push you towards the limited number of universities that they represent. So you may finish up applying to particular universities, because it is better for the agent, rather than being better for you!


A direct application can often appear more genuine to a visa officer, as it is an indication of confidence in the application.


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