There are so many universities to choose from!

If you are looking for an English-taught course and are considering universities outside your country; we have a comprehensive list for all those in the major English speaking countries, with links to their websites.


In addition, we also include a list of universities in non-English speaking countries, which provide course tuition in English. The majority of these are postgraduate programmes, although there are a growing number of undergraduate courses available. IELTS is accepted as proof of language proficiency, in these countries also.


Universities in non-English Speaking Countries!

It is also worth noting that many non-English speaking countries are trying very hard to compete for international students, against the major players, such as the USA and the UK. As a result, obtaining a study visa can be less difficult, and course tuition fees much lower, sometimes free. Additional benefits can include more flexible work regulations, including after course completion!


universites-study-in-germanyStudying in a non-English speaking country can be more difficult outside the classroom if you don't speak the local language. However, if this is a concern, there are many countries where English is a widely spoken second language, such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Holland, to name a few! It is worth the effort to research all the possibilities, before making your final university application shortlist. You have nothing to lose, but possibly a geat deal to gain.


Universities - Website Links

universities-reducedWhere possible, we try and link to the institution's international student page! However, not all universities have designed their websites with such a landing page. Where this is the case, we have linked to the most appropriate location. Courses taught in English, on occasion, are distributed throughout the site, with no specific pages that can be referred to; here we link to the home page! A bit more effort is required, to find what you are looking for in this situation. 


Do not assume that the university is not a good place for international students, just because of their non-user friendly website! Some universities are much better than others at designing their website to be easily navigated by international students! 


NB All university ranking data is taken from TopUniversities.


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