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Get a true assessment of your IELTS Writing band score, from our British Council trained IELTS Examiners!

When it comes to IELTS assessments, we only use experienced IELTS examiners. It is not possible for anyone else to do this with any accuracy, as they can only base their assessment on what they think, not on what they know!

Note: All IELTS examiners are trained, to ensure uniformity in grading, wherever the test is taken and whoever the examiner is. It is not a subjective assessment when conducted by an examiner!

Why Do a Test With US?

  • Already taken a test and wonder what you did wrong? We can tell you!
  • Reduce the risk of failing to attain your required Writing Test grade.
  • Don't just wonder what your IELTS Writing level is, find out!
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Learn genuine IELTS Examiner secrets.

Online tests can be completed by anyone with access to a PC, anywhere in the world. No need to travel to a test centre!

We also provide FREE practice tests. 

IELTS Speaking Tests will be available online soon.


Most, if not all, people are quite nervous when sitting an IELTS test. It is certainly not a comfortable experience, and sometimes appears to be made deliberately as uncomfortable as possible!

After going through all that stress, you finish up with just one combined test score, for each of the four test criteria! If you don't get the scores you require, this provides no help in identifying which areas need improving.

Any conclusions are just guesses, and it is possible, to make the same mistakes again, wasting more time and money, and creating additional stress!

With an IELTS Results Test, marked by an experienced IELTS examiner, there is no guessing!

Currently, we provide a standard, and a full-feedback Writing test, with Speaking soon to be launched.

Standard Test

Here you get the score for each of the four assessment criteria, of both Tasks 1 and 2, so you know which of the key areas need improvement, and which don't.

Full Feedback Test

This provides all of the features of the Standard Test, plus detailed feedback on every weak area, of the individuals IELTS Writing. 

  • Save on expensive training costs, only spending time on your weak areas.
  • Discover the reasons why each individual band score was awarded.
  • Find out exactly where you need to improve.
  • Save hours/days of preparation time.

Whether you have yet to complete the IELTS Writing Test or need to retake it, either Test Report will deliver a huge boost to your confidence, writing performance, and test score, as well as saving money.  You can then design a bespoke training schedule suited to your particular needs, rather than those of the training provider!

Don't just fill another seat on an overpriced, 'one course fits all'  training programme. Don't waste money on expensive one-to-one training: only do what you need to, and nothing else!

Contact us, if you have any questions! We are here to help. 

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