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Great IELTS Training

Did you know, that you will almost certainly spend much more time and money than you Boring Classesneed to, attending most IELTS training? Finding great IELTS training in speaking and writing is not always an easy task!


For most large, and many small training organisations, you are a commodity to be processed. They do not fit the training around you. Instead, you have to fit into their process. They may claim to give you the required training for your level, but most individuals, even when they may be at the same band level, in IELTS, have different strengths and weaknesses!


To make the situation worse, most training companies do not employ anyone with the ability to genuinely assess your IELTS level. Generally, they use standard English teachers, some of whom may occasionally be native speakers. Many may be excellent at teaching standard English writing and speaking. Unfortunately, when it comes to teaching IELTS, they are only enthusiastic amateurs, at best!


IELTS Is Different!

different-smallerIELTS English is not the same as standard English learning. It is true that any native level speaker should do very well in the test. Therefore, in theory, standard teaching should be enough to enable a non-native speaker to do well also. Unfortunately, learning to speak and write like a native will take a very long time and is unattainable for most who do not begin to learn English when they first start school. 


Even a native speaker would achieve a better score, if given great IELTS training by an expert, before sitting the test. The same applies, even more, to non-native candidates! So who qualifies as an IELTS ‘expert’? 


Only a trained IELTS examiner fully understands all the requirements of the speaking and writing tests. This is because marking follows strict guidelines, which have to be learned. Only trained examiners have access to all these rules! 


strengths-weaknessUnderstanding all your strengths and weaknesses, in IELTS speaking and writing will provide clear guidelines, as to where your training needs to focus. Few candidates will ever have access to this, however, unless you are guided by an experienced examiner!



Even sitting a test will not provide this information, as IELTS test results do not provide any feedback; just the overall scores for each of the 4 parts of the test. Not even a breakdown of the scores for each element within the individual parts is provided!


The Solution!

bright-idea-smallerThe ideal situation would be if the IELTS examiner could give you detailed one-to-one feedback! THE GREAT NEWS is that IELTS Results, can provide that detailed examiner feedback, so you don’t have to guess why you are at a certain level. We tell you exactly why, so you only need to focus on fixing those issues and not take long, expensive, and often pointless training courses.



Saving you time and money
Making IELTS simple


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