Finding a good agency is not always guaranteed, although there are many excellent ones, which provide an outstanding level of service and value for money.  However,  there are numerous less than ideal agencies, and some who are only interested in getting as much money out of you as possible, for the least amount of work!


Our advice is to use word of mouth to establish if a particular agent is trustworthy. Check with friends, relatives or on-line to see what those who have used their services think about them. If they are listed as an agent, with the university you are interested in, then this is a good indication but does not guarantee they will provide an excellent, reliable service.


Many universities have excellent admission departments that are very familiar with enrolling international students directly. Unless you wish to apply to a top institution, the main application issue will come from your study Visa application and not the university admission.


A good school will be able to provide assistance and advice regarding this, for free.


If you know which university or universities, you wish to apply for and believe there should be no problems regarding your visa eligibility, then why not try applying yourself directly?


You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, in cost savings; money that could go towards living costs instead!


Agency Issues

An agency is generally connected to a limited number of, both, countries and universities, withing those countries. If you have a particular country or university which you wish to study in and want to use an agent, then check first to see if they deal with your chosen country or university. If not, you may find yourself being persuaded to study elsewhere. You can visit the agent's or universities website, for this information.


Caveat Emptor! 

Latin for 'Let the buyer beware'.  Perhaps, an easier to understand translation would be, 'be careful when purchasing goods or services if you wish to avoid disappointment!


By listing these agencies we are not endorsing or recommending them and have no knowledge of the quality of service they provide. 


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