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Native English Managed Business

We are owned and managed by UK native English speakers. Our founder has over 30 years international, commercial & university training/teaching experience, with a distinction level Masters Degree in English Teaching, in addition to formerly being a British Council trained IELTS examiner.

Our objective is to provide assistance to IELTS Speaking and Writing candidates and open the door to many of the secrets and remove some of the myths. In addition to IELTS, many students also need help in choosing a university, that is most suitable for them.

Although most students, having passed IELTS, generally study at a university in an English-speaking country, such as the USA, UK and Australia; there are English-taught degree programmes available in many non-English speaking countries.

English-Taught Programmes in Non-English Countries

Universities, in countries such as Germany, France, Italy and Finland, plus many others, offer English-taught degree programmes. Most are post-graduate, but not all! Furthermore, university fees can be considerably less in these countries.

Many governments and universities around the world are keen to attract more international students and compete with the USA, UK and Australia, in this market. To attract these students, it is essential to deliver programmes taught in English.

The number of such courses will continue to increase!

If you are interested in English taught university programmes, in non-English speaking countries, check out our list! We have a large number of countries listed, together with the universities that offer the courses. We have done the hard work finding them, so you can focus on choosing the right one for your future studies.

In addition to an extensive list of universities, we also have a list of student visa application requirements and procedures for each country. However, should you need more assistance in your course application, we have a list of local agents, who can help.

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